Welcome to the Home of Integrated Labels

Supplier of cheap integrated label products, single, double, triple and bullet integrated labels from stock delivered throughout UK and Europe. A combination of a label in a A4 laser sheet will stream line your picking (packing list), order and invoices using various software, perfect for on line stores including Ebay and Amazon sellers. Also known as Invoice Paper, Labels in Paper, Shipping Labels, Cart Paper, Intergrated Labels, Embedded Labels, Peel off labels and peel out labels. Integrated labels are a very efficient product at reducing picking errors and improve the despatch process.

Who, what, why, when integrated labels?

Integrated labels are designed for multichannel, e-commerce and e-retailer distributors. These shipping labels, invoice, picking and despatch note is a single document laser and inkjet guaranteed.

Benefits is that you can print an on line order and use this as a picking note as well as a despatch label, combining these two processes reduces picking and mailing errors.

Getting the best results from your integrated labels, follow these simple steps

    1. Stack the boxes no more than 5 high.

    2. Leave the boxes sealed until ready to use

    3. Store in a consistent temperature range between 10 – 25 degrees, not in direct sunlight

    4. Fanning the sheets prior to use.

    5. Check your laser printer feeds the sheets from the no label end